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Translation, Interpreting, Editing, Transcription

We provide expert, accurate and reliable translation at a reasonable cost.

We have over 10 years of experience working with thousands of documents of all types: Legal,
Commercial, Business, Financial, Architectural, Engineering, Technical, Academic,
Industrial, Advertising, Journalism, Certified Translations for Immigration Purposes, Web
Sites...there are few fields we do not tackle.

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The following is a summary of our services:
TRANSLATION: Almost all documents and documentation.
TRANSCRIPTION: Police Interviews, Investigations, Hearings, Recordings .
INTERPRETING: Consecutive and Simultaneous Legal, Court and Conference.
EDITING: Professional Editing Services of all documents.
Some of our History: Jorge Carbajosa started this company in 1997 under the name of
Translatorium and under the guidance of his father, Ramón Carbajosa, a retired attorney,
banker and United Nations Translator. Since that date our company has translated thousands
of documents. Some of our most notable work has been the
University of Navarre's Exegetical
Commentaries,  the University of Saint Augustine's College Catalogue and most recently most
of the reports published by
Spain's Trade Commission.

Jorge Carbajosa is an experienced editor, translator, transcriber and federally certified court
interpreter and has worked in many hundreds of hearings, trials and depositions.